Following the recent relocation of our clinic from Bondi Junction to Chatswood, Sydney Skin & Vein is proud to announce the construction of a new Angiography Suite.

This new suite will contain a number of newly purchased medical devices to provide an upgrade to an already excellent level of service provided by Sydney Skin & Vein Clinic.
Remember if you do suffer from varicose veins or any related issues, please feel free to contact the clinic for a quick chat, or make a booking by clicking here.

TRIVEX Transilluminated Powered Phlebectomy System

Sydney Skin & Vein Clinic is proud to be the first Clinic in Australia to purchase and use the revolutionary TRIVEX System.

The TRIVEX system is a minimally invasive procedure to remove varicose veins in a matter of minutes. The transillumination system allows doctors to better visualise veins resulting in complete vein removal with fewer incisions required.
Fewer incisions means there is reduced post-operative pain and better cosmetic outcome following these procedures.

Below images are from a patient who has had treatment with the TRIVEX system.