Capillary Malformations (CM)

These used to be referred to as Port-wine stains. Capillary malformations are abnormality of capillaries arising from structural defects in the vessel wall. Capillary malformations commonly occur on the face. These appear soon after birth but get darker and become thicker in texture with age. Capillary malformations may have no underlying problems but from time to time are found in association with an underlying venous malformation, arteriovenous malformation,lymphatic malformation, soft tissue abnormalities or can be part of a syndrome such as Klippel Trenaunay orSturge Weber syndromes.

Infants with capillary malformations on their face may begin treatment as early as 6 months. Unless treated in early infancy, capillary malformations will not disappear. Capillary Malformations often requires a combination of treatments which may include Pulse Dye Laser.

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