Digital Infrared Thermography (30 minutes)- This is to assess the vascularity of the skin and the underlying tissues and helps us in assessing the function of the vascular system.

Digital Infrared Thermography is a non-invasive diagnostic technique that allows us to identify a change in the skin surface. For this procedure, you will be standing and the infrared machine will be scanning the skin surface while converting the radiation that is emitted from your skin into electronic impulses that will be displayed on the computer moniter. This image is a map of your body temperature and subtle asymetrical abnormal temperature changes can be identified.

At the Sydney Skin and Vein Clinic we use Digital Infrared Thermography to assess subtle changes on and within the skin especially small superficial vessels as that could be the cause of your problems.

These are images from a Digital Infrared Thermography scan.

This is one of the patient positions during the scan