Popliteal vein/artery and other compression syndromes (40 minutes)- The sonographer will use special techniques to look for these conditions.

The Sonographer will be assessing the Popliteal Artery and Vein for any compression syndrome which may be causing your venous insufficiency or any other symptoms that you maybe experiencing. The Sonographer will get you to stand for the length of the scan as they will be scanning the back of your leg within the knee crease. The Sonographer will then ask you to stand on the tips of your toes or to rock back onto your heels. This allows us to assess the Popliteal Artery and Vein completely and whether this is causing your symptoms.

At the Sydney Skin and Vein Clinic we assess your entire leg for the cause of your symptoms.

This is one of the positions that a patient is asked to do during this ultrasound examinationThis is an image of a Popliteal vein taken during an ultrasound examination