The Vascular Malformation studies (40-90 minutes)- This scan is to assess lesions suspected of being malformations, to differentiate them from tumours and to establish the type of malformation.

The Sonographer will assess where the lesion is situated and depending on its location you will either be standing or lying down during the scan. The Sonographer, with a transducer, will scan the area of interest and assess the lesion. Through the images that the Sonographer takes during the scan, a diagnosis can be made between the different vascular malformations or if the lesion is a tumour . The possible vascular malformations include: Arteriovenous malformations, Venous malformations, Capillary malformations, Lymphatic malformations or Complex malformations.

At the Sydney Skin and Vein Clinic we are unique vascular lab that specialises in diagnosing and treating vascular malformations.

This is one of the positions that you might be in for a vascular mallformation studyThis is an ultrasound image of a vascular malformation