Deep vein incompetence studies (60 minutes per leg)- this is scanning all the deep veins of each leg to assess their function.

The Sonographer, whilst using an ultrasound machine, will place a transducer on your leg and scan every vein within the deep system. To do so, you will need to be in the standing position. At different intervals of the scan, the sonographer will squeeze the leg to assess each vein for competency and blood flow. Due to the fact that you will be standing for a long period of time, make sure you are well hydrated and have eaten before the scan.

At the Sydney Skin and Vein Clinic we not only assess the large superficial veins but the deep venous system as well, as deep vein incompetence could be the cause of your symptoms.

This is one of the positions that you will be in for the ultrasound scan. The image on the right is an ultrasound image of an incompetent deep vein.