Your First Consulation

Please note that your first visit will be a consultation only and no procedures will be performed during this visit. Before the consultation, you will be given a questionnaire to complete, outlining your general medical and surgical history. If you have already received the questionnaire by email, please feel free to complete the form prior to your appointment and bring a copy on the day. Alternatively, we will provide you with the form on your arrival. Please make sure you complete all pages. The doctor will go through your history and perform an examination of your problem. For patients with varicose veins or other vascular problems, a screening Doppler ultrasound study may be performed. Depending on the Doppler findings, a duplex ultrasound may be organized at a later time, to further assess the problem. Photographs of your conditions will be taken so that we can monitor your condition. The specialist may discuss the need for more investigations such as blood tests and other forms of imaging.

Please note:

  • No procedures are performed during the consultation appointments.
  • The specialist needs to assess your problem and determine your suitability before offering any procedures. This is at the discretion of the specialist.
  • No cost estimates for any procedures can be provided until all required investigations such as ultrasound studies are completed and your suitability to undergo interventions has been assessed. 

Duplex Ultrasound Studies

Following your first consultation, duplex ultrasound studies and other investigations may be organized to assess your presenting problem. All ultrasound studies are performed at this Centre by vascular sonographers trained in phlebology. Although you may have had previous ultrasound scans, it is quite likely that we need to do our own scans to the satisfaction of the treating specialist.

Other Investigations

Patients with a history of venous thrombosis may require blood tests to assess their relative thrombotic risk. Patients with vascular malformations may require an MRI plus venography or angiography. Patients with skin conditions may require a skin biopsy and blood tests. Once all investigations are completed, the specialist can determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

Treatment Planning and Procedures

  • If you have any queries about any aspect of a planned procedure, you need to attend another consultation for your query to be addressed by the medical team.
  • Procedures can be booked within 12 weeks of a consultation to ensure recency, otherwise a new consultation will be required prior to any procedures.