Your First Visit to the Sydney Skin and Vein Clinic

At all times do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. Please note that this is a consultation only and no treatments will be done during this visit.

Phlebology (Vein) Patients:

Before your consultation at the Sydney Skin and Vein Clinic, you will be given a questionnaire to complete, outlining your general, medical, and surgical history. The doctor will go through your history and perform a thorough examination of your problem. For patients with venous problems, a Doppler ultrasound study may be done to find out if you have underlying incompetent (leaking) veins. Depending on the Doppler findings, a duplex ultrasound may be organised to further assess your veins. You will then be informed of the management plan to improve your condition. Photographs may be taken so that we can monitor your improvement.

The doctor will determine if you have superficial spider veins or varicose veins. If you only have spider veins, no further testing is usually required and the doctor will discuss your treatment.

Before treatment of varicose veins, duplex ultrasound studies are organized to map the abnormal veins. Deep vein thrombosis(DVT) ultrasound studies may also be organised if you have a history of thrombosis. All ultrasound studies are done at this practice. You may have had ultrasounds before but in most patients we need to do our own studies as we need a detailed map which is usually not provided by other practices. Once the map is done, we can determine what the most appropriate treatment for your veins is. We only map one leg at a time as it is a lengthy scan taking up to 45 minutes per leg depending on the complexity of the veins.

Patients with a history of venous thrombosis will require blood tests to assess their relative thrombotic risk.

They may still have treatment but we may need to take extra precautions. Patients with concurrent arterial disease may also need extra ultrasound studies to assess their arterial blood supply. At all times do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

A specialised blood test may also be required after Ultrasound Guided sclerotherapy and Endovenous Laser Ablation, to make sure a blood clot hasn’t developed.

An injection of Clexane (Heparin) may be administered to some patients at the time of treatment, or for some period after the treatment in high risk patients, to prevent deep vein thrombosis.

Please note that this is a consultation only and no treatments will be done during this visit.

Photo identification is required to access services at Sydney Skin and Vein Clinic. This is a necessary measure to identify our patients and prevent Medicare fraud from occurring. You will be requested to be photographed upon arrival at your first visit and attached to your electronic medical file. All records of patient photographs will be kept in accordance with privacy measures for patient confidentiality and retained on the clinic database. If you do not wish to be photographed, please inform the clinic prior to your visit. Sydney Skin and Vein Clinic reserve the right to refuse services to patients that do not comply with this policy.

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